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The Exceed Tutoring Process

Select Your Needs

Contact Exceed tutoring and give them information about your tutoring needs. Give them information like current subjects that will need to be learned, previous familiarity with those subject’s concepts and a timetable for when these subjects need to be learned.

Find a Tutor

Exceed tutoring will use the information that you provided to connect you with the best tutor to meet your individual needs. Consultants will help recommend tutors to you, but we leave the ultimate decision of who you hire as a tutor up to you. You will be able to contact prospective tutors to find the ideal match for your tutoring needs and schedule.

Start Learning

After a tutor is chosen, you can connect with them to discuss objectives. It will be important to have contact the tutor prior to the first session to go over important goals and dates for the service. When both the you and the tutor are on the same page we can go forward with scheduling the learning sessions.

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