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What We Provide


Exceed tutoring is the right place to seek out math tutoring. Often times students are put on a particular path to math courses at an early age and have a difficult time gaining progress at a higher rate than the every other student on that path. Tutoring gives students the chance to work on math courses at a faster rate. It also gives students a much higher chance of retaining what they learned in their course and to stay on track on an accelerated course if that is the case. Our tutoring team is dominated by University of Minnesota engineering students who have, by necessity, excelled in some of the highest level math courses. Now they have the opportunity to share what they learned with their students. The teaching sessions have the flexibility of being done both in-person and online, which opens up more opportunities to learn for those working on a busier schedule. Interactive video chat gives students the same learning experience even without in-person learning sessions. Get in contact with an Exceed to schedule sessions today.


The importance of science in our society is not to be underestimated. Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs in colleges are highly competitive. Success in this field relies on practiced study habits that Exceed tutors have already been utilizing through their experience in like the University of Minnesota’s rigorous engineering program. Our tutors are Minnesota-based and have great availability to schedule. This availability comes with the added flexibility of having virtual teaching sessions when it is most convenient. Tutors are equipped with applications that allow them to share their lessons and feedback in real time. This lets students work through difficult subjects and visually see how the tutor goes about solving the same problems, like a customized and interactive Youtube video that is just for the student. Find a local tutor now by contacting Exceed tutoring.


If you are interested in learning a new language, reach out to Exceed Tutoring to give yourself a foundation for substantive learning. Exceed will provide you with a local private tutor that will help you become more proficient using the language by giving you access to an already learned speaker who can practice and critique you. Using a tutor will aid your learning by giving you a chance to hear feedback on any errors in your language use and will guide you to work on specific subjects within the language that will be advantageous throughout the entire learning process. Students can work at their own pace and or have the option of picking up where they left off on a previous class. Exceed tutoring offers a convenient and flexible language coach that can be accessed both in-person and virtually, using our interactive digital learning environment that includes video chat. One on one tutoring sessions give students a chance to engage with the instructor the entirety of the process without the distraction or pressure of other classmates. Using Exceed tutors gives students a chance to utilize language tutors in Minnesota that are available to answer questions any time of the day and have interactive technological tools at their disposal. Contact Exceed tutoring and find a tutor today!


Direct, effective and concise writing is essential to both academic and professional success. The sooner and more advanced writing ability is, the better. Exceed tutoring will provide its students with a teacher who will improve their skills with lessons, practice and feedback. This range of learning sources will help integrate the topics of the class into lifelong communication skills. Tutoring gives students the direct attention of their instructor, without the added distraction of a classroom setting. This will make it easier for a student to focus on their writing. Training is accessible throughout the day via call or text with a tutor and the option of virtual chat adds to that flexibility. Tutors are available to help throughout Minnesota’s metro area. Navigate to the contact tab to schedule appointments.


College placement exams like the ACT and SAT have a considerable effect on the profile of most college applicants. Preparatory courses for these tests give students a huge edge over peers who have not been formally trained. Exceed tutoring offers strategy training and supervised practice that will make these tests a breeze for students. We also offer customizable curriculum if there is an approach that a student would prefer to learn from. Schedule an Exceed Tutoring session to prepare for next ACT/SAT season.

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